Guide on How to Play Poker for Beginners

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Poker is a very exciting game to play with many varieties available. It can be played in casinos or in friend’s basements. Its ability to deliver large quantities of money makes it particularly alluring for many individuals. Unfortunately, often the inexperienced lose large amounts of money when playing poker and end up discouraged never fully getting to experience the excitement poker can deliver. In order to maximize your chances at success with poker it is important to study poker properly and become familiar with the game.

An image of a person playing the poker varient...
An image of a person playing the poker varient, Texas Hold’em (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pick Your Game

The best place for a newbie, who is looking for a guide on how to play poker for beginners, would be to start with focusing on a specific form of poker and learning as much as they can about that particular game. Successful poker players focus on one specific game and build their skills and understanding specifically in that one area. Trying to learn how to play too many sorts games when beginning to play poker will result in an information overload. The most common kind of poker today is Texas Hold ‘Em.

It is recommended beginners focus on learning Texas Hold ‘Em as it is the most likely poker variant to be found in casinos. For those who are visual learners, here is a great resource which teaches you how to play poker if you are the beginner and clearly explains Texas Hold’em poker rules in a very engaging way. So now, go to the following link: youtube video on how to play poker, and once you have watched the entire video, come back and read the rest of the article, in order to consolidate what you have just learned.

Texas Hold ‘Em

Texas Hold ‘Em consists of five community cards being laid face up on the table and two cards being dealt face down to each player. Each player then must construct a hand using their cards and the community cards. The best hand constructed wins. Betting occurs after the first three community cards are placed on the table then subsequently after each of the next community cards is placed on the table. This results in three separate rounds of betting. During each of these rounds you may choose to fold, call, or raise the bet. The decision is based upon how strong of a hand that you have.

Ranking of Hands

The lowest ranking hand consists of a single high card. The highest cards are aces with the lowest being twos. The next best ranking hand is a one pair. This consists of having two matching cards. The higher the matching cards the better the hand. Following a one pair in ranking is a two pair. This is when there are two pairs of matching cards in the hand. The next ranked card hand is three of a kind. This is when there are three of the same card in a hand. After three of a kind comes the straight.

A straight is when there are five consecutive cards. A flush is the next highest ranking hand. A flush happens when the player has five cards, all of the same suit in his hand. The next highest ranked card hand is known as a full house. A full house consists of one pair and three of a kind. Four of a kind is ranked above a full house consisting of four of the same cards. A straight flush then beats four of a kind. A straight flush is five consecutive cards, all of the same suit. The absolute best and highest ranking hand is a royal flush. A royal flush is a straight from a ten to an ace all of the same suit.

Start Slow

Now that you know how to play Texas Hold ’em the final step is to start playing. The biggest mistake made by beginners playing poker is being eager and playing too many hands. This is an excellent way to lose money and not win. Care should be taken to not be over eager to win and overplay bad hands.