How to Spot a Bluff in Poker? What Is A Bluff Catcher?

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Bluffing is a part of poker game. No player can swear on not using it in their games. There are two terms very famous about bluffing in poker games, which are like the bluffer, and the bluff catcher. A bluff catcher hand is someone when the only equity one possesses in the pot comes from picking up an opponent’s bluff.

It is actually not a very strong hand, but is still not worse either. The only fear you will have then is of your opponent’s betting value. In that case he might have you crushed for sure. The only way out to catch the bluff created by the opponent is to gain value to your hand.

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Points to Remember

The following points might helps in you in recognizing the bluff catcher.

  • Knowing when your hand turns up to be a bluff catcher will help you play the bluff game more profitably.
  • True bluff catcher often close the action, thus if you “call” the hand might get power, or will be immediately shown down.
  • Figuring out the playing tendencies of the opponents might help you a lot in catching his weakness and cashing upon them during the game.
  • Knowing the opponent’s value betting range can help a lot in knowing whether your current hand is ahead that range of behind it. In case you got a hand behind the range, then you will be the bluff catcher.
  • Knowing the opponents bluffing frequency can be understood if he bet more often than normal.
  • Try to assign a bluffing frequency to your opponent to help yourself in making call profitably.
  • Put your opponent on a range.


When the opponent is bluffing a high percentage of the time, or is having a greater bluffing frequency then surly you need to do something. You are recommended to call the bet if you see your opponent playing super aggressively and raising his draws and firing three streets along. Watching the moves of your opponents classifying them into the player categories for being tight players, ABC players, players as good LAGS and bad LAGS will help you in determining their bluffing patterns more closely and plan out your own strategy better.

It becomes easier for a player to use his bluff catcher if he gets to know about the time when his opponents are most likely to bluff in the game. Then he might be able to pick him off with his bluff catcher. But keep in mind, if your opponent is not at all bluffing then using the anti bluffing strategies are of no use, just stick to your basic game strategies to play and win it in the end.

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