Lucky charms from around the world

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Every gambler amateur or professional knows the power and importance of lucky charms. Every civilization have evolved their own auspicious symbols for warding off evils and bringing luck. The value of lucky charms is most dominantly witnessed in sports betting as well as gambling arenas where the gamblers refuse to bet without their lucky charm.

English: Victorian rabbit's foot with silver m...
English: Victorian rabbit’s foot with silver mounts thought to bring luck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some common lucky charms

If you are looking to woo lady luck for your gambling trip then here are a few commonly used lucky charms from which you can choose.

Rabbit’s Foot

One of the most common lucky charms is the rabbit’s foot which is mostly carried in the form of a key ring charm. It takes its origin from African-American voodoo lore.

Charm Bracelet

Wearing or carrying with oneself lucky amulets when playing in the casinos is another common lucky charm among gamblers.

Number Seven

Numbers hold a lot of significance as far as luck is concerned. In many cultures, it is believed that number seven attracts the favors of lady luck. Therefore many gamblers like to bet on this number in the hope of winning big.


Iron horseshoes are another form of lucky charms quite popular among gamblers and betters. It has its origin as warder of evil in North European cultural beliefs.


Buckeye nuts fixed with quicksilver are considered the harbinger of good luck for card players. This nut claims its origins from the African-American hoodoo culture where it was considered as bringer of money in the pockets of whoever carried it.

Four famous lucky charms of well-known high-rollers around the world

There are many well-known gamblers who have certain personalized items which they hold as their lucky charms.

Phil Gordon

This famous gambler never leaves behind the “world’s greatest dad” charm bracelet. It was given to him by his kids as a lucky charm.

Kun Dollison

Out of the list of lucky charms, this one is one of the most unique. Kun carries a mechanical mouse with blinking eyes as her lucky charm when at the table. Also she is not shy of showing it off by letting it have a go round the table rather than keeping it in some special pouch or her pocket.

Dan Harrington

Dan Harrington when waiting for the flop, never forgets to put – on his green colored Boston Red Sox hat which is his lucky charm.

Sami Farha

Although a non-smoker yet as a good luck charm, Sami Farha is seen dangling his unlit cigarette particularly when watching his chips pile. In case he is losing, he will tend to switch to another cigarette.

Humberto Brenes

Humberto is a world poker champion and believes in protecting his cards as well as bringing good luck. For both these purposes, Mr. Brenes absolutely always carries his miniature toy shark to his poker table.

Generally, those lucky charms that are customized or evolve from some personal experience are considered to be more unique and interesting. However there is no dearth of lucky charms in the world and almost every gambler has one. If you are thinking of trying your luck in a casino, some more lucky charms to try are: four-leaf clover, lucky candles, wearing red underwear, or a silver dime.

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