What is Irish Lotto? How can you play it?

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Irish Lotto was launched in 1986 when the parliament of Irish Republic passed the National Lottery Act. It was founded to support several initiatives such as sports, health, recreation, welfare, arts, Irish language and national heritage. Games began in 1987 with the introduction of scratch cards and the first draw took place on 16th April 1988. Irish Lotto has started to include more Lotto games, All or Nothing Draws, Monday Millions, TV game shows and bingo, participation in Euro Millions and Millionaire Raffles. Two draws will be held in a week; Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Irish Lotto

Irish lotto now comprises the option for players to play games online. Prizes are paid out in tax free amounts and winners need to claim the prize within 90 days, otherwise the winning amount will be reabsorbed into the system. During 1988-1922, players matching 6 numbers out of 36 could win their share of £250,000. Irish lotto remained mostly unchanged when a midweek lotto draw was launched on May 1990. During 1992-1994, Irish lotto again modified with a 6/39 game. The jackpot prize was raised and the bonus number was added. All these reflected the longer odds.

On 24th Sep 1994, the lotto took a new path in the history by becoming a 6/42 game. It has become a turning point in the history of Irish lotto. Apart from an increase in the prize money, it ensured that players residing on the border with Northern Ireland would not forsake the Irish lotto to play the British National Lottery. On November 2006, matrix change has been held in the Irish lotto, it became a 6/45 game. Jackpot was increased at €2 and the match 5 and bonus prize were also raised to €25,000.

Today, Irish lotto pays in surplus of 50% of its funds in prize money. Remaining amount is used to finance certain Ireland projects in the fields of spot, heath, arts, recreation, national heritage, culture and the Irish language. Irish jackpot prize never goes under E2, 000,000.00 and is regularly worth in surplus of E5, 000,000.00. Sometimes it can go up to E10, 000,000 and more. Irish lotto draw occur every Wednesday and Saturday night on national Television. Players matching the first 6 numbers from 1-45 can wind the jackpot. A seventh number is also drawn, called the ‘bonus’ number.

Though players tend to select their own lucky numbers, a ‘quick pick’ option available on the lotto computer instructs to choose from the entry numbers. All prizes in Irish lotto are tax free and are paid out in one lump sum amount. If you are interested in gambling, go ahead with Irish lotto games. Luck will follow you!