What Is Viking Lotto – Where and How It Is Played?

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The Viking Lotto was launched in March 1993 as the world’s first multi national lottery. It’s preceded the EuroMillions which began in February 2004. Run by Norsk Tipping, Viking Lotto was established with the objective to attract more players both new & elderly with the lotto’s much higher jackpots.

Viking Lotto

The Viking lotto has started with the lotteries of five participating Scandinavian countries’ Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland & Sweden. The lotto tasted huge success in all these areas. In the work of March 2000 when the Estonia lotto was added, Viking lotto was spread to 6 participating countries & increased the sizable jackpots even further. As the results, the Viking lotto began to command over 50% of all lottery takings across its participating nations.

Viking lotto has plenty of names in popularity in Iceland, it is called Víkingalottó, in Finland, it is named Veikkaus, in Denmark, it is Onsdags Lotto, in Sweden VikingLotto & in Estonia & Norway it is called basically as Lotto. Lotto results are broadcasted on tv & radio in the participating countries via;

Estonia: Kanal five
Denmark: DR1
Norway: NRK1
Sweden: TV1, mtv3

Iceland: Dagskrain RUV
Finland: YLE

Casino and gambling is more than fun when you try online casino gambling. Earlier, as with plenty of lotteries, players could play the Viking lotto in the event that they were the residents of of the Scandinavian countries. However today, with the introduction of unfeigned lottery ticket retailers online, somebody can play irrespective of where they live. This Lotto includes 1-48 numbers, of which players must pick 6 numbers.

If the draw numbers match the 6 numbers selected by the players, they win top prizes. Bonus prizes can win if player match five numbers of his choice. The Lotto draws are held five times a week on Wednesdays in the Norsk Tipping, Norway. The odds of gaining the jackpot prize are in 12,271,512.

Plenty of books are guides are available on winning number choice, which are custom-made for specific game of lotto 6/48. Draws are held on random basis. However, randomly drawn numbers make partners which can be tracked & used to the advantage of ticket issuers. The Lotto can play both offline & online. Without regarding where you live in, you can play lotto online. There’s plenty of Viking lotto ticket retailers that provide genuine tickets & you need to pick any 6 blessed numbers, results will be shown lively in the work of the time of draw.

You can claim the prize to the retailer. However, you need to be aware about the scam sites that offer fake lottery tickets. With such sites you are not only wasting funds but time as well. Search for genuine sites & lottery retailers & play the lotto to make more & extra funds together with entertaining yourself.