About Thunderball Lottery and How To play It?

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The Thunderball Game payslips feature 5 boards, each board includes 2 boxes. Out of two, one that marked as ‘Select Five’ contains numbers 1-39, and the other box marked as ‘Select one’ includes numbers 1-4.

Thunderball Lottery

You need to select 5 numbers from the first box and one from the second box. If you prefer to select the numbers randomly, note the Lucky Dip box or ask the retailer for a Luck Dip.

Players should not choose a set of numbers and mark the Lucky Dip box on the same board. You will cost £1 for each box; put a bold and straight-up line through each number you chose in the box.

You can note the void box and use another one in cases of mistakes. Each playslip will include a section called ‘No. of Weeks, use this section with the same set of numbers for around 8 weeks.

You need to pay in advance for the required number of weeks at reliable sites like Lottery Heroes. Retailers will enter players’ selections into the terminal and give a Thunderball ticket.

Players have to ensure that the numbers that are chosen, the number of weeks, and the dates of draws are correct.

Also, check whether the barcoded serial number is readable and the void box on the ticket is not marked.

Write your name and address on the rear side of the ticket, keep it safe for future claims.

Unlike national lottery draws, Thunderball needs only one number to win the prizes. Some of the winning numbers are held below;

  • Match the 5 Numbers to win £5,000
  • Match the 4 numbers  to win £100
  • Match the  3 numbers and the THUNDERBALL to win £20
  • Match the 5 numbers and the THUNDERBALL to gain £500,000
  • Match the 2 numbers and the THUNDERBALL to gain £10
  • Match the 4 numbers and the THUNDERBALL to get  £250
  • Match the THUNDERBALL to win £3
  • Match the 3 numbers to win £10
  • Match the 1 numbers and the THUNDERBALL to win £5

Prizes up to £75 can be claimed in cash from any national Lottery online retailer. All you need to do is hand the victorious ticket to the retailer to validate via their lottery pole. It will generate a validation slip showing the value of your prize.

Check this against the amount paid out and give back to the retailer. As per retailer discretion, they can pay prizes in cash up to £200.

Prizes of up to £10,000 will be paid out by the National Lottery Post Offices. Above £10,000 will be paid via cheque and need to be claimed in person from a National Lottery Regional Center.

When you match the main 5 numbers and the Thunderball numbers, call the National Lottery Line to get assistance in claiming the winning amount.

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