Australian Lotteries: The Week-end Saturday Lotto

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You may know that the prize value of any online lottery like Australian Lotteries or Saturday Lotto may vary from a few hundred to millions and therefore the process to claim your winning amount will not be same obviously. It depends on your status and knowhow as well.

If you are a member of any players association, then it is easy for you to check the result and also claim the amount but for a non-regular individual, it might be a bit of a task. Any winning amount of low value can be claimed at the outlet, if you have one nearby, by presenting the winning ticket at the counter, but for higher amounts, there are other methods.

Through The Prize Claim Form

You will get a prize claim form which is downloadable, complete it and send it along with the winning tickets in original remembering to keep the copy with you. You will also have to remember to write your name address and signature at the back of the Saturday Lotto ticket.

There is also a time limit to place your claim if you win any jackpot amount which is usually two weeks from the date of the draw. Remember that it takes the time to process your claim and therefore, you should be ready to wait for at least seven to ten working days to receive your claim amount.

Take Care Of The Ticket

All Australian Lotteries prizes are eligible for the claim only you have the original ticket, and therefore you should take care of the original ticket. Extra care should be given to the instant scratch tickets because if these are lost or stolen, anybody can claim the winning amount.

In case your ticket is lost and is not registered with the players club, then you will have to fill in the lost and damaged ticket search form to locate it within the gaming system with a requisite fee.