Do not Miss Out the Five O Poker

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Cards game is a popular game for many decades. Now since the evolution of androids and handhelds the game has become still more popular. Poker is the best game for the betting game in the card game. In poker game some cards are hidden and some are shown up. The winner is always determined by the strongest card they have in their hidden list. Five o poker is one of the best game in the card game ever. This is a social networking game which is almost similar to a traditional poker.

Poker Night
Poker Night (Photo credit: IanMurphy)

How the game should be played?

The game starts with five cards faced up which are arranged in a row. This is played by two players. In each turn the player should take a card from the deck and add to the each column.  The rule goes that each column should go parallel.

The players are given their own option that the fourth card can be placed face down in each column. Out of each five cards, one card would be faced down. So by this way the player gets a chance of privacy. This is played still the five cards are faced down.

Then at the last the players can bet on each other for the same column of the faced down card. The player whose card is stronger in the maximum column will win the game. And the winning is named the five o win.

Currently this game is gaining much attention from people. Online you can also see cheat sheets which help to win this game. The thing to be understood is that the game is purely on the luck basis. This is also a good timepass. The game comes in many languages such as English, German, Dutch, French, Thai, Turkish, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Portugese, Russian and Vietnamese. The android and ios developers are still trying to increase the number of languages as the game is gaining popularity.

The best part is that the game is optimized for playing in hand held and in iPhone also. There are free versions of the game where it can be tried on and then the game can be bought for lifetime playing.