How to gamble with an algorithmic system?

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Wouldn’t it be great to know what the outcome of a sports competition would be before it happened? Imagine if, just for a moment, you could be like Biff from Back to the Future 2. Would that not be freaking amazing?


For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, one of the main characters in Back to the Future 2 goes into the future and steals a sports almanac. He then goes back into the past and, using 50 years’ worth of sports scores that have already happened, becomes a mega rich multibillionaire.

It’s a Hollywood dream come to life, to be sure, but millions of people could identify with the character immediately.

While the simple fact is that this, as far as we know, is impossible, Google seems to have made somewhat of a technological breakthrough recently that at first seems rather miraculous.

First a little history. Using an algorithmic search, Google is able to deliver the best option suited for every search request that a user makes. Over many years of doing this they have collected an immense amount of data on their users and the services and products that they use. Truth be told, all major Internet-based companies are doing that these days, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like, and it’s not malicious in nature (although a little bit creepy).

When, for example, a user now searches on Google for, say, fashion trends and shoes for this spring, Google is able to target them with ads for things like handbags, shoes, jewelry and dresses. They do this using a procedure known as “data mining”.

Now, the question you might be asking is how is data mining related to gambling and betting? Well, imagine for a moment the possibilities if a person or organization was able to successfully data mine your favorite NFL team, including every single one of their past and present statistics. Now imagine that they could successfully plug all of that data into a data mining algorithm for that team, and the entire NFL, and imagine how valuable that information might be.

More than likely you’d stop listening to your local bartender or that guy at work who gives tips around the water cooler in a heartbeat! Actually, there have been a number of companies already that have set out to do this but only a small handful have successfully implemented what’s called an “algorithmic betting system” or ABS.

And ABS, at its most basic, is simply a computerized betting system that completely removes one of the biggest “unknowns” of betting; emotions. It takes away the “gut feeling” and the sympathy you might have for your “favorite team” and looks at nothing but cold, hard statistics.

An ABS system takes the data from coaches, star players, injured reserve players, the weather and even “home-field advantage” into account, and much more. In fact, the more data that an ABS system has access to, the more accurate the pick it can make. The principle is using techniques like this will give you the insider information – meaning that you can take on the house! Often online sites give you an incentive bundle when you first join – using ABS you could take the incentive bet smart and win before you’ve even had to put your hand in your own pocket!?

So, while you might not have that almanac, you now have something possibly even better than Biff had; a practically flawless computerized betting system. If you’re keen on using it, do yourself a favor and make the initial research investment before you make your first bet.

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