Online Gambling – How to Start Your Own Online Casino

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One among the most popular and fastest growing business categories throughout the world is online gambling. Online Casinos are gaining more popularity every day in countries of Europe and Asia.

It has even over grown internet shopping by twice the number and this too in China and Malaysia. It is noted that best gambling sites in China are gaining more income than online shopping sites. Almost 43% of internet users in China play games online and only 16% use internet for shopping.

Online casino

It was only ten years before that this business began to game popularity and in 1999 online gaming business gained revenue of $2 billion while in 1998 it was only $800 million. Online gambling is expected to be more than $16 billion by the year 2010 and by 2015 to $150 billion.

Online casinos were something not approachable to small entrepreneurs earlier as this required huge capital investment. It also necessitated licence acquisition for legal gambling sites and had to pass legal red tape.

With the outgrowth of internet all such restrictions were reduced and the business became accessible to all with a minimum investment of $200. Through internet any one can now promote and own online casinos and games which can gain huge income throughout 24 hours and 365 days.

How to start an online casino

You can start an online casino in three different ways. Either in an expensive way, with all gambling software’s for online casino, multiplayer poker room and sports book. Licence need to be obtained which necessitates government approvals. In such a case all control will be yours with regard to your software and there need not be any royalty to any gambling company developing software.

In second method you can obtain licence from an online gambling software provider. In this case you might get necessary equipments along with software’s at times. This option is the most popular and in this case cost range is from $30,000 to $350,000.

In third method you can gain sublicense from an existing licensee. In this method expense is less and range of cost will be from $5000 to $60,000. Sublicense will do all marketing also.

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