Pre-Plop and Post-Flop Poker – Strategies To Win

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Short stack or pre-flop poker refers to the strategy under which the player takes shots to higher limit by sticking to bankroll management. That is, in that strategy the bankroll of the player won’t get affected anyway, still the stake would be shot higher. This strategy is also taken up to force the opponent to play pre-flop poker. These pre-flops and post-flops are also called as deep stacked cash games to test the skills of the players.

An image of a person playing the poker varient...
An image of a person playing the poker varient, Texas Hold’em (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These strategies have lesser risks thus can be helpful in winning smaller pots. All forms of Texas hold’em may have pre-flop and post-flop in the game, but only one of them will be dominating the game initially. The player requires being extra careful and focused towards the strategy in whole. To keep the importance of hand value restricted you can use the gaps in skills between you and your opponent. The wider the gap in post flop play, the lesser your hand value will matter anymore.

Common poker situation requires a pretty different type of poker style to be used. The following are the situations and types to be followed in a pre flop and post flop poker game.

  • In a deep-stacked cash game situation  use post flop style
  • In a situation referring to late stages of online tourney where the average stack be 7bb,then go for pre-flop style
  • In a heads-up cash game versus 10bb short stacker situation, opt for pre-flop style
  • In a heads-up against a vastly inferior player situation opt for post-flop style

Surly determining the better strategy from the above discussed two strategies is really confusing, but whatever strategy is selected, the player has to keep it going well throughout the course of game. As a rule of thumb majority will go with pre-flop strategy but playing to your strengths seems a much wiser decision. Post-flop poker is best suited for players who know how to maximize value and minimize losses in the game.

Those who like to play small ball poker and know how to exploit weakness of the opponent should also go for post-flop poker strategy in the game. A player can have either of the following like he might have natural tendency to play more profitably in sit-n-go kind games or might have thrive in deep-stacked cash games. In the pre-flop strategy the player would rather concentrate more on “when” decision, that is when to act in the game, the situation and timing of the strategy applied determines the flow and direction of the whole game. Since the cards act as the prime factor to decide the player’s fate, still the timing also matters a lot in the end.

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