The Rules Of Playing Poker Game

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Game of cards is very popular. All nightclubs and major casinos have a game of cards. There are various card games like Flush, Rummy and Bridge. Card game of poker is also on rise and more and more people are getting attracted to play poker game. Poker card game is rising in popularity. This card game can be played in a group and can be played individually as well. All the electronic gadgets like mobile phones as well as computers have this game inbuilt in them.  Poker game is very interesting and someone playing poker game gets glued to it. This game can also be termed as an addiction. Poker card game has various technicalities and we will also learn how to play poker.


Poker game is played with a set of cards. Card decks are similar to other card games. Only difference lies in classification of points for each card. Betting is involved in poker game. The winner of poker game is determined by points of cards and card combinations. There are many strategies that are involved in game of poker. There are mostly two types of variations like five cards Draw and Texas Hold’em are popular poker games that are played. In this article we will get to know how to play poker based on five cards draw.

Steps that are involved in five cards draw are enumerated below:

·         Game basics: Fifty two cards are required to play the game of poker. Number of suits should be four. In most normal cases points in ace is high but sometimes ace can be low in points as well. Joker card that is present in card deck can be used as a wild card.  Apart from joker wild cards from other decks can be included.  A winner gets the entire bid but if there is a tie among two players then bet is divided equally between two parties. Players should follow t steps on how to play poker.

·         Different variations: Variations in a game of poker depends upon hands that that an individual player has. A player who has the greater points wins game.

·         Process of chip in: Along with the main bet players should place another bet as a token on game table. This is one rule in how to play poker.

·         Good shuffling: After each game all cards should be shuffled in a very proper way. After shuffling cards have to be distributed equally to all players. One thing has to be ensured that each player should receive five cards in total. Cards should not be displayed to players while distributing.

Advice to Players of Poker:

Individual players have to concentrate on their own cards. Concentration should not fly off to other player’s cards. Players should not respond to any signs or signals that are made by other players. Players should follow rules of how to play poker. One can know more on this topic by checking out