Things to Check Before Choosing Online Poker Site for Playing

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Online poker is gaining momentum these days. Just like the traditional way of playing, online poker is not any different except that you play it online with virtual players around you. While in traditional poker game you meet your opponent and play along.

But when it comes to online poker, one of the most important criterions to be kept in mind is the online site you register. There are so many online casinos and websites available that provides you with an option to register and enjoy online poker game.

Before going ahead with the registration process you need to check on the following below mentioned points and then invest on your registration.

Welcome bonus

This is one of the most important things that you need to consider before registration with a particular online casino. The welcome bonus provided to you needs to be interesting.

Now the type of welcome bonus is independent to each casino; but few most common welcome bonuses that you can gain are bonus with each free spins, contribution made by the casino for each game and other play through requirements. Any online website that does not provide you with 100% welcome bonus is not an ideal option and you can go ahead and start checking out other websites.

Banking / Payment Options

This is important. Before your registration process check for the method of payment options accepted by the online Bandar Poker website. Read on to check if there are more than 2 possible methods of payment.

It is important to ask questions related to banking as you might be using credit or debit card or demand draft method of payment. This pre-check on banking process will help you to take better decisions on your payment process.

Video compatibility

Now this option is not available in most online casino that provides poker gaming. But video poker is important and registers with one that has video compatibility. Consider moving on with another casino if it does not have a decent video capability in it.


Betting is an only option where in online casino make hell a lot of money. Poker users from around the world bet on their favourite sports team or recent events. There is a lot of money involved in this betting space and if you are lucky you could take home a lot of money than you invested.

Gimmick Games

Check the number of gimmick games provided by your online casino site you shortlisted. If they have higher number of gimmick games then it is an ultimate warning that the online casino site is tighter all together. While the other way of looking at it is that, there might be websites that offer games as sampling basis that could be simple and easy to win.

Before making your move into the virtual world of playing poker, make sure to consider all of the above constraints so that you are not lost in the online world. Make right investment with market research.