US dynamic sports betting expension in 2018

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After the Supreme Court in US lift the federal ban on sports betting which was in place for around 25 years so far. The forbidden gambling activity was established in 1992 under the PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act). According to which the wagering on sports was prohibited in every state apart from Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana.

Despite, those states had the opportunity to offer sports betting they didn’t went big enough and there were no inline sportsbooks like it’s in the most of the world.

But everything changed now, after the removal of the federal ban there are more and more online bookmakers there. What’s more, there is also a full US sportsbook ranking here, which compare the local bookies.

It took only a few months after the federal ban was removed and all states started to debate what’s best for them. By far the battle is mostly political and it’s between Democrats and Republicans. On the one side Democrats are determine to legalize the activity since it will bring a lot of profits, which is good for the economy.

While on the other hand, the Republicans fight against this since it will harm the sports industry and will harm part of the people. Gambling addiction is dangerous according to them and it is as harmful as drugs. It’s hard but there are great sources from where to follow the legal sports betting in US. At the time being there are only eight States which managed to come up with local license. It’s not much but for a few months work sounds quite good.

This number could increase by the end of the year with a few more states, which will pop up on the map. However, in 2019 after the General Assembly we are sure that the numbers will most likely double. Depending on how the local elections will go we will know for sure in which direction the state will go. What we know for sure is that now the sports betting presents in every debate. This segment could bring a lot of money to the local state. From economic view this is extremely beneficial for the local growth.

For sure, sports betting won’t be very welcome due to it’s bad influence sometimes. However, so far all the active sportsbooks in US are huge companies with years of experience handling the gambling addiction. Among the names there stands William Hill, Bet Fair and Poker Stars group which are known worldwide providing the best service and care of it’s players.

Their experience handling such cases in countries like the United Kingdom as well as most of Europe was priced numerous times. We are sure they will choose the best approach to limit the harm and increase the excitement of the gambling activity.